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Holi Hash!

Hash trash 4/2/2017

So there I was...conspiring over plastic horns as the hashers arrived in a mass..."YAY surprises!" I thought as I picked more thorns from my ass... This was a trail of which wankers would certainly talk some smack...I learned to never believe a hare, especially if he's called "Once you go Black"...

Many shots were made including a few of flour ...pineapple coconut floaters in this one as Diarrhea passed me the jugs, after being lost for about an hour...runners dreamed of tequila and margarita shots in their mugs. With lost hope of true trail, time slowly turned... we knew we more than sinned, realizing our throats became a vampire, in the sun we burned and a ninja was snatched by the wind, we dropped one by one like a hash life Lord of the Flies.

A new hope was found at the sound of the walkers parading the trails with force. The darkness quickly turned to light, with a beer in hand of course. Wankers love to whine it's true, we know we aren't always true blue...we are piss-pots so they say...tried to follow trail but we couldn't find the way. 

Where there was beer, there would be circle and there would be lots of tape and a surprise flower power ambush would lead to a naming. She tasted the salty rainblow and found some Holi wonders...from Just Archana she made her metamorphosis into "Cums in Colors". 

As a final and personal note to this lovely harriette who'll be taking her life to Cali, we send you our love and humping embraces for you will always be part of the Flour City Family. 

-Bloody Poussière 💋

Location: Irondequoit Bay Park
Hares: 315, once you go black... oops, (still?) just archana

Earlier Event: March 26
Holi Trail!!