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Holi Trail!!

Hash Trash 3/26/2017

So there I was...kissed by an old friend Mr Sunshine, oh hey buddy, haven't seen you for some time! To a boat port in Irondequoit came bodies dressed in white...soon to be covered in colors for a taste of Holi delight. Plastered faces & slapped butts, in purple,orange, pink and blue...from all directions colors flew through the sky... every face a different hue... united as one in a rainbow high.

From pavement to swamp, through creeks and up and down hills...just another Sunday & a wanker's idea of cheap thrills. Spiked hot cider would warm our throats...THUD, yuuup another wank down! Ohhh did I forget to mention the MUD?

Through the trails we skied, on a thick shit-stained path leaving many of us rear-ended... oh look Diarrhea! ...pun completely intended. Alright, getting a little tired of rhymin'...oh look there's Hymen!

5 wankers remained for round two for a shot-filled hash quickie. What the hell were you thinking Olympdick-ie!? T'was a nice intimate hike through Lucien-Morin...just sayin', all you other wanks who bailed are just borin'!! I kid of course, you are all very lovely and dear... ok enough of this shit, I think I'll have a beer.

-Bloody Poussière

General Trail Details
Location: Irondequoit Bay Park West
Approximate Length: NA
Hares: Bloody Pousierre, Mayan Ass Bleeds, Just Archana & 315 Acre Lot

Earlier Event: March 19
Haberdashery Hash
Later Event: April 2
Holi Hash!