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Haberdashery Hash

Hash Trash 3/19/2017

Soooo there I was, another hash in the crispy Rochester air yet all the wankers were looking fab. It was time to finish the keg of blue and begin our hash of hab...spandex, coton, polyester and nylon shined through the glistening snowy trails of Tryon. There were eyes on asses, green dress hats and socks that said something witty...from koozies to head bands, head who said head? I did and it was good in Flour City.

FCH3 hashers will shake your nerves and rattle your brain... not enough beer can drive a wanker insane. Trails can break your will, oh but it's such a thrill...Goodness Gracious great balls of flour! And there it was, again and again, balls of flour flying like a grade school snowball fight...oh right, when I said "Flour" you knew I meant snow, right? Just checking... from here...BVC crossing the road when clear.

To the top of the muddy mountain we climbed, breathing heavily from cum stained teeth to camel toe, to quench our thirst with Irish whiskey called Glendalough. From a rusty wagon wheel and copping a penguin group hugs and trail treasure coffee mugs...on after talks of BJs, lubing our throats in various ways...I can't think of another rhyme...if you're one of the fat lazy bastards that wasn't even here, mehh you know the next line.

-Bloody Poussière

General Trail Details
Location: Tryon Park
Approximate Length: Walkers - 3 miles; Runners - 3-5miles
Hares: Home Blown & Tang

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Later Event: March 26
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