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Mudman's 1200th R*N

Hash Trash 4/29/2017- MudMan's 1200th

So there I was... my mouth full of brown sticky goo...  Here's a shot of pudding for you! Half-minds from near and far could be seen squirting down each others throats thick dollops of cream. Mendon ponds would soon become hashing land, today we would honor the great feasts of MudMan. 

A treacherous trail indeed would be led by Fetch and Harry Cockher... the shiggy that never ended, most thought "these hares fell off their rocker!!" The swamp was relentless and thick, no place to lose your wits...some half-minds would call it quits but not our dear Boo Berry Tits. Through the muck she sank deep as fuck nearly fully submerged...As we came to closing circle, in the distance three mud-stained bodies emerged.

MUUUDDMAAAANN... put on his red dress although the execution of his song was a mess.  In circle, wankers would be called out, to various songs of old and new, ...hashy Birthday fuck you to Fetch and Mayan's shirt became a shoe. 

There would be mud and there would be blood as is fitting for a trail for our beloved R.A. May this hash get a piece and may the next 1200 hashes be underway ! 

-Bloody Poussière

Location: Mendon Ponds Park
Hares: Harry CockHer & Fetch.

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