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Pinnacle Hill Trail

Hash trash 4/27/2017

So there I was, sipping cheap beer with a splash of cranberry on this fine spring day, a group of half minds gathered for another Thursday evening of play. Two muggles joined our circle looking like they were "wishing Lord that they were stoned",it wasn't Sunday morning cumming down and soon these muggles would not be found, but away they went with the beer we lent.

A half-mind like me can only recall so much so correct me if I'm wrong... but I feel the story of this trail is best told through a song: 

 Three sixty nine. Damn this trail is fine...hoping we can find another beer in time. Climb up Climb up climb up climb up- to the mountainnnn --to the mud (to the mud)- to the sweat drop down my ...thud. All these wankers crawl, (crawl). up up up climb the hashers! Up up up get up (get up).

                            *   *   *

We realized this wasn't a good day to feel lazy. Hey has anybody seen Swayzee? We reached the top of Beer God's thumb and found respite around a campfire. Hashing songs were sung to the sweet sound of the smoke ambers sizzling with desire. Lemon drop shots and grapefruit margaritas felt heaven sent, there were hot dogs and cummis and DRAG pitched a tent.  

Another Thursday hashing thrill...atop the mighty Pinnacle Hill. 

It was steep, slippery and sultry. PS: Happy birthday Free Cuntry!

-Bloody Poussière

Location: Pinnacle Hill
Hares: SheeWee Herman & Hymen Hero

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