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GDR Weekend "Green Gear" Pub Crawl

Hash Trash

A few wankers stopped by the S. Clinton Goodwill to grab last minute green gear before heading to Marshall St. Bar & Grill to start the crawl. A conversation with the cashier seemed to indicate what kind of weekend FCH3 was in for:

Cashier: Okay, so what's going on here?
Home Blown: Quoi?
Cashier: Everyone has been coming in today to buy green outfits. But especially the guys who have been buying dresses.
Home Blown & Olimpdick: *proceed to give a short-short version of us having a GDR event requiring certain attire*
Cashier: Well that makes sense. But I hope the guy who bought the really short, sequined number is going to wear something underneath or else he will freeze tomorrow...

The evening proceeded from Marshall St, led by Loose Early and Home Blown, with a stop at O'Callaghan's where we drank and scarfed popcorn before heading next to The Avenue Pub. Hashers mingled with the locals and played darts before heading to our final destination of the evening - Charlie's. 

With our stomachs and livers properly lubed for the next morning, the Flour City hashers headed off to sleep!

-Home Blown

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