Flour City Hash House Harriers

A drinking club with a running problem.

We are (mostly) a social drinking and running group located in Rochester, New York. Every week, we run (or walk, depending on skill level) a trail, generally through one of the many local parks. The run is exclusively non-competitive! It's all about the fun!

Check out the calendar or events pages to see what the group will be doing! 

Runs occur every Thursday night at 5:69p (6:09p) during daylight savings time (summer), and 1:69p (2:09p) on Sundays during regular time (winter).

Anyone over 21 is welcome to join, and the run easily accommodates all abilities.

After the hash, we go to a local restaurant/pub for tasty beverages and nourishment.

Come join us! Even if the sound of running three miles makes you want to vomit, I guarantee you will enjoy the hash. There are plenty of opportunities to walk or catch your breath.

Hashes are every week - sometimes twice a week!


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Sticky Dicky & Circle Twerk

Hash trash March 4, 2018

“Fuck it Let’s Get Hawaiian” Hash orrrr “Where the Fuck is Mayan” Hash? 

There were many flour city hashers with the quest to find trail in Fairport on this windy and chilly day. The sun was in the sky and the snow was on the ground, not too bright and not too gray.

There weren’t any coconut bras on boobs or grass skirts on bums but there were Glowy Holes, those who came in colors and those with 3 HUMS. 

One beer near was found at the very moment of thirst we were dyin’. This would not, however be the first time one would say “Where the hell is Mayan?” From Check to check we stumbled, wandering as we wondered if we would wimp out short, just as the FRB group of eagles together jumbled, out popped Mayan from the Brewery of Fairport.

“Oh hey, look I see hashers!” was said as we approached a bridge. Over and under, a twist here and a turn there just a smidge...Would lead us to the sweet delicious nectar of pineapple and rum, good enough to make you cum from your bum. (Huh? Where’s Mayan?)

Triphammer Bierwerks would fill up your on-after beer cup and a group of six would get Thai-ed up. Mudman would give a T-shirt to Glowy and you’d bust a nut from Hash history from Licky. A great thanks for setting trail, drink up Circle Twerk and Sticky Dicky! 

-Bloody Poussière 


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Harry Cockher