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80's Redux Hash

Hares: Home Blown, Hypotitical, Subway Semen

Hash Trash-80s 6/1/2017

Please forgive me as this hash trash is short, & took me awhile...Bloody was in Pittsburgh running another beer mile...  

So there I was, wrapped in spandexin the tune of neon and jean as a shout to the 80s... Let's get physical, all you tubular men andladies! The colors were bright purple, pink and green...the leotards were tight and the jean jackets were frayed...muggles stared as if in a dream, transportedto the time where disco died and metal rock played.


Jesus brought his holy water and his son climbed to the top of random stuff...Maybe if there was cold beer, this trail would seem less rough... We found beer next to piles of broken glass and brick marked by flour...sipping to the haunted sounds of the abandoned Terrence Tower...

Reminiscing the decade of slippery nipples, tab, Michael Jackson and spiked hair, we had a Polaroid family picture stop without any FRBs there. It was radical, righteous and gnarly...all those who came LIKE TOTALLY weren't sorry!  



-Bloody Poussière 

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