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Rugby Hash

Hares: Swayze's Swollen Throat & Just Kerm
Date: Thursday 5/26
Time: 5:69pm
Location: Aardvark Park
3625 E Henrietta Rd, Henrietta, NY 14467
** Tiny gravel driveway under the power lines on the hill **
Hash Cash: $5
On-After: TBD
(probably O'Callahan's Pub on Monroe Ave)

Probably shiggy
Probably wet
Probably won't get electrocuted
Live-ish runner trail
Probably a walker trail
Probably not dog friendly
Definitely on private property
Definitely port-o-potties
Definitely shenanigans
Definitely don't skip trail
Maybe cold beer
Maybe Chicken in the Henhouse

Fun updates:
*Yes I got permission from the landowner to be on the private property that is Aardvark Park. Gate will be open for the hash. 
*If there is other private property once we leave Aardvark Park, I didn't set trail on that, that is not ok to be on. May the odds be ever in your favor. 
*On-After is O'Callaghan's Pub on Monroe Ave (same owner as the land we'll be using). They know we're coming. Well, an owner does, hopefully he also tells the bar staff.
*Aardvark Park is also the future location of the FCH3 Beer Mile Home Blown & I are putting together for August. 
*I'm not taking you across the I90. I'm not Death Wish. Lol




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