Diarreha Victor Hash

Hares: Diarreha

Start: 1:69 PM

Hash Cash: $5

Location: 2729 Main St. Fishers, Victor, NY

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/yYi8ZAJU6Xm

Trail Considerations: 

Premarked Walkers Trail (4 miles)

Live set. About 6 miles for the Runners
98% Trail .... absolutely gorgeous terrain
2 Beer checks, 1 shot stop

Might want to wear bright colors/orange.

Dog friendly: A lease law is probably in effect...However the dog I saw when I was scouting was NOT leased. Probably not enforced. The area doesn't get much use and is pretty isolated.

On-After:The Distillery, at the corner of Rte 96 and Turk Hill Rd.