Flour City Hash House Harriers

A drinking club with a running problem.

We are (mostly) a social drinking and running group located in Rochester, New York. Every week, we run (or walk, depending on skill level) a trail, generally through one of the many local parks. The run is exclusively non-competitive! It's all about the fun!

Check out the calendar or events pages to see what the group will be doing! 

Runs occur every Thursday night at 5:69p (6:09p) during daylight savings time (summer), and 1:69p (2:09p) on Sundays during regular time (winter).

Anyone over 21 is welcome to join, and the run easily accommodates all abilities.

After the hash, we go to a local restaurant/pub for tasty beverages and nourishment.

Come join us! Even if the sound of running three miles makes you want to vomit, I guarantee you will enjoy the hash. There are plenty of opportunities to walk or catch your breath.

Hashes are every week - sometimes twice a week!


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Want to hare a trail? Our hareraiser, Boo Berry Tits, can help you by letting you know the available dates or if you're a newer hasher, hooking you up with veteran hares.

Visit our Meet Up Site for more detailed trail information.

Our Next Regular Hashes Are...
Thursday - September 20, 2018: Bloody & Kitten Trail
Thursday - September 27, 2018: 315 Trail
Thursday - October 4, 2018: Hare TBD
Thursday - October 11, 2018: Hare TBD
Thursday - October 18, 2018: Hare TBD
Thursday - October 25, 2018: Hare TBD
Thursday trails begin at 5:69pm (or 6:09pm). Bring your ID as our regular hashes are for those who are 21 and older.

Flour City Family Friendly Hash Schedule:
Next Dates Incoming
Usually every month or every other month, Boo Berry Tits and other hashers gather for a trail that is kid friendly. Less emphasis is placed on the drinking and dirty song singing. You don't have to have kids to attend, but you should just not hate them.

Upcumming Events:
December 16, 2018: Dirty XXX Bacon & Bourbon 5 (Hash Rego)
March 2019: Green Dress Run

Flour City Road Whores Schedule:
Next Dates Incoming

Rideshare has come to Flour City, and really, who wouldn’t want to share a backseat with a hasher? FCH3 encourages all the fun and all the r*n, and after closing circle, finding your way to the On-On in an Uber or Lyft. It’s fast, it’s easy, you don’t have to do any hard math because the fare is tied to your credit card. Hail the Uber/Lyft, get in, get out, quit fucking about, etc. etc.

Uber Site: https://www.uber.com/ride/
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